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TJ Holowaychuk: commander.js - nodejs command-line interfaces made easy


Commander.js is a small node.js module allowing you to define options and interacte with the user’s terminal in a simple and natural way, inspired by the Ruby library of the same name.


  • self-documenting code
  • auto-generated help
  • combined short flags (“-abc” == “-a -b -c”)

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Briar Press | A letterpress community

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WebAIM: CSS in Action: Invisible Content Just for Screen Reader Users

Adapt.js - Adaptive CSS

Responsive design from the 960 creator.

Bibliotype — Longform Base Typography for Tablets

SidJS – Load JavaScript and stylesheets on demand - Dive Into JavaScript

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Unqualified Reservations: A straightforward explanation of the present financial crisis (part 1)

Always liked this article. It’s important to remember where we came from, even if we arrived yesterday.